"Onenet" are located in the beautiful and fantastic city, Kagoshima.

Firstly, we strongly want you to know our principle, therefore we make this page for the front-page.
We offer some useful services on internet to the people all over the world.
We dedicate ourselves to make people's happy and joy.

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Top priority: for all of our customers.
We provide the services that makes our customers positive feeling and pleasure.

For the top priority: with all parties concerned in our services (include all our illustrators and staff) .
Before providing the services, we have to have satisfaction for our job, life, and more.
We aim to improve our environment day by day.

We send joy and happy to the world.

Onenet Inc. CEO Akito Kawasoe

MYPIC is an easy-to-use service where you can get your own portrait made based on your photos and chosen from a variety of styles.

We have been providing thousands of MYPIC illustrations and these have been used as profile image on some SNS, printed portrait on Business cards, welcome signs in wedding receptions, and any other ways, globally.

All illustrations are created by our brilliant illustrators from Japan.

Corporation name Onenet Inc.
Service name mypic japan
URL http://japan.mypic.jp
E-mail anime@mypic.jp
Tel +81-99-202-0154
Address 1F Nakahara Building, 1-19-19 Arata, Kagoshima city, Kagoshima 890-0054, JAPAN
Business Illustration Management
Chief executive officer Akito Kawasoe